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I was just scrolling through the blog and correct me if I am wrong but I haven’t shared any photos from my trip to Minneapolis!! I can not believe this to be honest because we had a fantastic tine and by the way it was a freezing (weather was -5). Spring is fast approaching and I think this is my last chance to show pictures of us frolicking in the snow.

I am so excited for the weekend on another note. I have a few shots to share of Mexico still! I guess tho can wait till next week. Enjoy your days off!


I arrived in Minneapolis late last night and am finally meeting my nephew, Ollie, for the first time! What an amazing baby. I can’t believe he is already 5 weeks old.

Who ever would have thought to combine a rocking chair and a cradle? It must have been a mother or father that stayed up far too many nights with their new born baby. None the less I love the idea of the Rocking Chair Cradle! The chairs featured about are not the most practical item to be featured for a young baby as they start at just $10,500!

{Pictured first is by Ontwerpduo and second is by Scott Morrison}

As you may recall my sister (seen here) is pregnant!!! We are all so very excited for this new life to enter our family. He will be my first nephew which means he will be doubly spoiled and loved. In the upcoming weeks, we are throwing a fantastic Baby Shower so I will be very busy planning (and shopping for the little guy)! I have already started to {online} window shop..

{Monkey Shirt from Ooh Baby!}


{Under the Nile – 100% organic}

{Trumpette Socks}

{Milo Monkey Hooded Towel}


{Coated-Cotton Bib (Organic Cotton)}

{Stella McCartney anchor intarsia sweater}

{ABC book}

{Serena and Lily bedding}

{Toad Prnt Bodysuit}

I can already hear the ooooohhhh’s and the aaaawww’s at the shower.

I have such exciting news to share! My sister (seen here) is pregnant and she is having a baby boy! This is the first baby in my family and we are beside ourselves. Now I have a reason to plan a party..well a baby shower to be frank. I have started looking at Baby shower cards and my o my are they adorable.

The above invites are from Tiny Prints.

The above invites are from

I think I am partial to the jungle themes. They are just so adorable and have the brightest colors. I am sure you will be hearing about the new baby in our family more often!

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