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Hi Friends, it is finally Friday and I am so excited. I am about to head off to the Balenciaga & Spain Exhibit at the de Young Museum! I have been looking forward to it all week!

Will you check it out this weekend? Tomorrow is opening day!! I am sure I will have some photos and stories to share with you next week.



Market Information
Next Market: Sept 11th from 11am-4pm and 6-11pm
Location: SomArts at 934 Brannan St, San Francisco
Admission: $5 -day, $5-night ($8 for both)

Drinks: Available for purchase (cheap)

SF Underground market is here and I am thoroughly excited! If you don’t know about the SF underground Market, it’s a place where you can taste and purchase the food that is being produced in backyards and home kitchens in the Bay Area.  It’s a farmers market but with great food, drinks and live music! What more do you need?

It seems that this weekend is going to be extremely busy between the Underground Market, the Fillmore Art Walk tomorrow and I want to check out the Impressionist Paris: City of Light at the Legion of Honor before the exhibits heads out of SF. Hopefully there will be some lying around in between all these activities but It seems that I will have a lot to share with you all next week!

Meet the smartest notebooks created by Archie Grand who is a Scandinavian notebook maker. He has designed a series of colorful notebooks with amusing saying noting a type of person you met and liked: “Shopaholics I Met & Liked”

To pick one up head here!

Today I discovered J. Panther via NYTimes and just had to share this with you! J. Panther Luggage Co was founded upon their passion for innovation, design classics and products that are built to last a lifetime and beyond which seems to be a rare concept today. The small collection draws upon what the designer refers to as the ‘golden era’ of pre-1960s meets modern living.

The Ruc Tote

The Perfect Weekender

The Avaitor

The Life Tote

These bags are undeniably versatile. Fashion meet function can be seen here at its finest not to mention I love their website!



I heart these decadent book covers created for F. Scott Fitzgerald designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith.

 There are not enough words to describe my feelings on these – I am obsessed with metallic and these books just made my day! I will love each of these books forever…

I’m a dreamer and a very jealous dreamer at that!! I am absolutely in love with the below house. I wish I could live there. I guess you could say I am green with envy! I know it is not a good thing but I can not stop these feelings! 







I heart the toy Saab. This can be found at Playsam 






This is my FAVORITE closet ever! I would love to take a look in there.. 

So I bet you are wondering who owns this magnificent home?! None other than Jenna Lyons! Of course she would own a wonderfully beautiful home like this. And her closet..there are no words to describe.  Jenna’s home, life, style such an inspiration! Wow, I am gushing over her and we are not even friends! 


…her office.. is some additional inspiration… 

Ok! I am officially crushing on Jenna Lyons and J. Crew

Inspiration from this post came from here.

I saw this home on RDuJour a few weeks back and I can not get it out of mind! This 5 story Penthouse apartment is located in New York City’s TriBeca Neighborhood and is 10,911+/- sq. ft. The house has a rooftop home gym, wine cellar, 3 terraces, rooftop garden, and a private elevator. Oh and, full floor master suite with fireplace, bath, walk-in closet with a skylight, separate Jacuzzi room, and a sunset terrace. The has is to say the least!

For more info check out

I have always liked J. Crew but they are now making a name for themselves. They are collaborating with some really amazing designers like Fenton/Fellon, Timex, Want Organic, Essie and A. R Trapp which is really giving them a fresh look. This is all thanks to new Creative Director, Jenna Lyons. No wonder they gave her $1M bonus!

J. Crew’s 2010 Fall  look book is beautiful.  The collection is romantic and soft with a hard edge.

Women’s Fall 2010

Men’s Fall 2010

It seems that nature is on the mind! I was at a friend’s (Daniela)house over the weekend and she took the time to share with me some of her latest art work – mind you it is very simple looking but overly complicated. I would label her work..nature meets retro meets modern. Does that make sense? You be the judge.

She has been sweet enough to send me a few photos of her latest work which I am truly in love with! The medium is pen and paper which is even more amazing because of intricate details!

ps. if you want to get in touch with Daniela, email her at

I hope you like it!


After I posted Kate Spade’s sneak peek I continued clicking around on their site and found an identity and publication designer who is amazing- Abby Clawson! Her work is so clean and fresh.  Her studio projects range from logos, web sites and books, to self-published projects and collaborations.

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