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I was just scrolling through the blog and correct me if I am wrong but I haven’t shared any photos from my trip to Minneapolis!! I can not believe this to be honest because we had a fantastic tine and by the way it was a freezing (weather was -5). Spring is fast approaching and I think this is my last chance to show pictures of us frolicking in the snow.

I am so excited for the weekend on another note. I have a few shots to share of Mexico still! I guess tho can wait till next week. Enjoy your days off!


The San Francisco MOMA recently released their 75th Anniversary T-shirts in collaboration with Gap Inc. The shirts feature designs by Ed Rushcha, Chris Johanson,  Simon Evans,  Barry McGee,  Kerry James Marshall, Leslie Shows, Larry Sultan, and Rosanna Castrillo Diaz. Shirts are being sold for under $25 at Bay Area Gap stores and the SFMOMA store.

{Kerry James Marshall Tee}

{Ed Ruscha Tee}

{Mike Mandel and Larry Sultan Tee}

{Barry McGee Tee}

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