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I was just scrolling through the blog and correct me if I am wrong but I haven’t shared any photos from my trip to Minneapolis!! I can not believe this to be honest because we had a fantastic tine and by the way it was a freezing (weather was -5). Spring is fast approaching and I think this is my last chance to show pictures of us frolicking in the snow.

I am so excited for the weekend on another note. I have a few shots to share of Mexico still! I guess tho can wait till next week. Enjoy your days off!


Happy Friday! The week has gone by fast and I am thankful! I have decided to share a recent and perhaps blurry photo of my baby nephew, Ollie!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

YA! It is Friday and one day before my birthday..I am so excited to celebrate with my family this weekend at one of my favorite restaurants.

Eek! I just read that temperatures may drop to historic low and snow may fall by Friday night! That has not happened in 35 years. I can not believe that I am missing this. As much as I hate the cold, I would love to see this.

{One to two inches of snow fell in San Francisco on February 5, 1976, and dusting the Marin Headlands, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge}

{Snow covered Shotwell Street between 22nd & 24th Streets in San Francisco on February 5, 1887}

{Evelyn Luwig holds her son, 3-year old son, Paul, out on a grassy hill to play in the snow that fell in San Francisco on February 28, 1951}


ps. I am in Minneapolis right now visiting this guy and celebrating my birthday!

What a fabulous weekend in Mexico! Cabo San Lucas was perfect – the weather was great, the food was delish and I did nothing…literally nothing. For 2.5 days I did not leave the pool. Above are a few snapshots of the weekend with friends. I hope to share more soon.

As you are reading this…I am in Mexico..I am so happy to be on vacation even if it is just for a few days. See you next week.

My girlfriend sent me these photos the other day of one of her good friend’s wedding dress and I am completely taken by it. I love the soft lace and the understated sexiness of the dress. This gown fits the bride perfectly & the silhouette is just so amazing. I could gush on for hours about my feelings of the dress but if i had to pick just one thing i loved most – i must say it is the back – its just perfect. A dress after my own heart.

What do you ladies {& gents} thinks?

{Thanks Emily for sending over & Thank you Christina for allowing me to share!}

Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) in Norway is a really impressive view. It is seriously breathtaking! Preikestolen towers 1982 feet above ground and the cliff is 82×82 feet. I don’t know if I could stand on the cliff – I am so fearful of heights but if I ever make it Norway, I must at least attempt.

I am in love with this house and I just have to share it with you! It is a great mix of old meets new – exposed brick and stone paired with clean lines. The architects took notice of the beauty of the existing building while blending in modern elements and have created a welcoming space.

my favorite room made of steel
& glass with panoramic views!

loft style bedroom

With Zara‘s latest look book!

Chocolate and peanut butter buckeyes made with love from my fave cooking blog – Smitten Kitchen! They look absolutely delish. I am tempted to create them in my own kitchen.

This over the top room! I would love to be able to pull this off.

these sky high heels

J. Crew Spring 2011 – the chill just hit SF but I can’t wait to see these bright colors looking back at me from my closet

Simple hair styles (no hair tie necessary)

and most of all I am smitten with the fact that my bags are pack & I am LA bound. As you read this, I am on a flight to see my best friend get married this weekend! I will be posting next week about the amazing event!

See you tomorrow Lovies!

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