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I adore these invites! Little Miss Press is the best thing that has happened to design in a while. It is a mix of vintage, quirky and fantastic which is what I look for in personalizing an event.

After discovering Little Miss Press (thank you Kristin), I have done a bit of a googling and read nothing but the most pleasant reviews! Everyone raves about her unique sense of style and how she makes your vision a reality. Little Miss Press offers calligraphy for the additional personal touch.


Here are a few photographs from my latest discovery – W. Scott Chester photography! These photos are so beautiful, they capture the intimacy of the wedding and every detail. I must say I am very pleased that i have this bit of inspiration!

What if some of our favorite places start their own wedding shops? How perfect would that be and don’t you think it would make life that much easier. Over the last week I have had a few interesting bits of info come across my desk – Anthropologie will be launching a wedding boutique called BHLDN! Rumor has it that there will be fifteen dresses in the debut line, bridesmaids dresses, party dresses, jewelry and accessories, as well as wedding decor, available at its online boutique. Be sure to check it out on 2/14!

Great news right!? Well let me add some icing to the cake – Shopbop will be as well!

I wish I had more to share but as soon as I do…you know where to find me!

isn’t this bouquet just positively imaginative! I love the mix of vibrant flowers & mediums.

memorable photos

Oversized Vera Wang gowns,

I am smitten with destination weddings

men with suspenders

Elaborate tents

and I am completely smitten with the love between a man and a woman,

In November my very closest friend got married and it was probably one of the most fun events I have been to in a long while! I think there was a lot that into this but a large majority must have been the photo booth! I probably spent 65% of my time standing in line to take my turn with her props in the booth. So a word advice to anyone getting married in the future…this will be worth all the money and the memories!

{everyone meet my mom..and I believe
you all know the BF}

Wedding Wednesday is back & we are currently admiring pewter, silver, grey! They are such versatile colors and compliment most any skin tone – {…bridesmaid dresses!} and it is easy to pair with another color to accent. This palette works particularly well in winter or spring.

Inspiration credit: Wedding
, marigold &
pewter bouquet
, dress,
Choo shoes
, essie polish,
Wood Grace clutch
, Marc Jacobs men’s
, Martha Stewart

Pinterest has become my latest obsession! It is the perfect way to catalog all that find inspiring. Currently I am lusting after wedding inspiration boards! It is a mix of everything from glamourous dresses to simple backyard weddings. Check out my pinterest board for sources!

Just hearing about my girlfriend’s wedding (before seeing any photos), I knew I had to write about it. She was certain about her colors and her look from day one! I knew her wedding would be classic yet contemporary, sweet and extremely romantic! I especially love the special moments shared between mother and daughter and the personal touches created by the bride and groom!  You can see/read the full spread below!

A few words from the Bride:

Dan and I met at work in early 2008. We were just friends for a while and began dating in September 2008, coincidently 2 years to the day before our wedding. He proposed on December 15, 2009 with a ring he designed incorporating the diamond passed on to him by his grandmother. Our wedding took place at Blackhawk Country Club. The ceremony was later in the day at 4:30 pm, with cocktails to follow at 5, and the reception at 6. I grew up just 3 minutes down the road from here…so it has a special place in my heart. The bridal party got ready at my parents house after having one last girls sleepover there the evening before. My uncle (a judge) married us on a lovely terrace overlooking a beautiful lake and golf course. The overall feeling of our wedding was a laid back vintage style…colors were Merlot, ivory & gold. A few special moments was when I first received my bouquet…my mom had secretly given our florist a piece of her wedding dress along with two pennies (one dated 1983, my year of birth, and the other dated 2010, the year of our wedding)…and she had incorporated those into the bouquet. My mom then told me that her mom, my grandmother, had done the same for her and her wedding day to my dad. Also, our cake has special meaning to me for two reasons. First, Dan, the groom, designed the entire cake from start to finish (both design and flavors – it was red velvet with a chocolate fudge center..YUM). Secondly, the cake topper, belonged to my grandmother and was used at her wedding, my mom’s and then ours. It was really special and a great conversation piece for the guests. The food was spectacular as well…and was also picked out by the groom. The food was western themed – chicken, ribs, cornbread, beans etc…we wanted our guest to actually enjoy the food at our wedding and I think they did! A live band provided entertainment for us, and we danced the evening away…until we were whisked away on our Honeymoon to Cabo San Lucas after a lovely sendoff by our guests carrying noisemakers. It was a fun, perfect day and neither of us would change any bit of it!

Congrats Dan and Sara!!

It is always the small details that make a wedding spectacular. Cake topper can be boring and extremely old-fashioned but this little detail can bring many smiles and laughs! That being said, I have found several cake toppers that are cute, funny and somewhat odd.

Crocheted Cake Toppers

Fabric Birds

mr. & mrs roboto

Goose Grease

Star Wars!

Link Love

Pinterest Wedding Board

Simple Hair

Blog Love

Candy Bar

Ladies and Gents I have found the most amazing photographer. Mae Photography She does not only do weddings but the whole package – engagement to bridal, portrait, or family shots. I have been dying to share her with you all over the last few weeks but thought we should utilize her talents and knowledge. I bring you a very special Wedding Wednesday – our first Q & A with a captivating photographer.

How do you break the ice during a portraiture session with people you’ve just met?

People generally respond to smiles. I like to remind people that the first 15-20 shots that I take rarely make the final cut…this seems to make people relax a little bit which — of course–makes for the best photos. Nothing about being photographed is natural. That’s just how it is. But that does not mean that the entire session has to be painfully awkward. There is a moment of transition between being part of the conversation and being the subject of photos where I think a client just decides to embrace the idea of being in the spotlight. I try to be only slightly directive, and only when needed. I honestly feel like too much direction just creates an unnatural photo.
What are your top 3 tips for brides when choosing their wedding photographer?

1 – Find a photographer whose personality and style FIT your wedding. What is important to you? Are you looking for someone who takes great, traditional group shots? Or are you looking for someone with a photojournalistic viewpoint? Photography is a creative industry, so you will find that there is a wide variety of people within this profession.
2 – When you have narrowed down your list of potential photographers to 2-3 (check to see if your date is available!), ask if they have a portfolio/slideshow/website of one wedding. This will give you a better idea of how they view an entire event. Remember that we all –always– show our best work. Not every shot will be as stellar as the next. But you DO want to make sure that the photographer you hire takes great shots in general!
3 – You’re hiring a professional. Photographers tend to be extremely passionate about what they do. You will likely get the best results from your photographer if you give them creative license on your wedding day.
What is your favorite moment during a wedding?
Honestly? The best moments tend to be after the ceremony during the reception. Everyone relaxes and just appreciates the time they have with friends & family. I feel like couples are most happy during their receptions.
Most played Song?
I’m currently addicted to the songs “Rio by Hey“, Marseilles and “Small of My Heart” by Madison Violet. The latter will make you homesick, I promise. But listen anyway.
Who are your idols?
I am inspired by many different artists…Tamara de Lempicka, Agnes Martin and Andy Warhol are among my favorites. Seattle Art Museum currently has the Picasso exhibit that has been traveling the country this year so as of late, I have been fairly buried in his work. Current photographers that continue to inspire me by cranking out innovative work would be…Noa of FeatherLove Photography, Chase Jarvis, Zack Arias, and editorial photographer Jen Altman. Oh, man. There are so many. I keep thinking of people as I type this! These people are super passionate about what they do and go beyond…yeah. They just go beyond. I don’t even want to modify that sentence.

Location : Maryland

Featured Wedding!

Couple Names : J&J

Over all theme : The phrase “dorky vintage” was coined that weekend. Awesome.

Date : 10/23/10

Be sure to check Mae Photography out here or here!

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