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Dear Friends. This week has been positively bright with good feelings and all the good things that go along with it. So many wonderful items, designs and projects have come across my desk lately. I get so excited. There seems to be so much inspiration floating around and luckily people are taking hold of it and turning it into beautiful clothes, food or art. As a generation, I feel that we are destined to be entrepreneurs – to make our own path. I have friends starting blogs, creating their own companies, trying to turn their passion into their career and it all started from their heart, a bit of inspiration and the desire to succeed on their own. I am smitten with this – I am smitten with what could be and where we may go.

I have the feeling that this is just beginning. I hope to see much more from all of you and from me…of course!

ps. part II of Little Luxuries will be next week lovies


Good Morning friends! I have a feeling today is going to be a good day, don’t you?  And today is the first day of our Little Luxuries feature! Somehow, I can not recall, I stumbled upon the most glorious blog called A Piece of Toast and they have been kind enough to share.  Ok, enough from me – meet Molly and Sally!

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First and foremost, we would like to thank Maya for inviting us to do this guest post.  We have truly loved guest posting and getting to know other bloggers.  The blog world has been an incredible creative outlet for us and we love that.
When Maya gave us the topic of “Little Luxuries” we really had to think about this one.  Both Molly and I agreed that our little luxuries week in and week out is GOOD food.  (Does that qualify as a little luxury?!) A ridiculously good meal is something we both constantly love to indulge in, but at the same time we know that it is a luxury.  Growing up our mom made a point to have home cooked meals around the dinner table five nights a week.  Which, in this day in age is a total rarity.  Still to this day when we make the trip home to Kansas City we most look forward to our moms home cooked meals.  She is an AMAZING cook (think Ina Garten reincarnated).  Our family shows their love for each other by making a yummy meal – we always got to pick our favorite meal of our moms on our birthdays.  Or baking a birthday cake for each other – our mom makes a famous chocolate birthday cake and has been making it since 1987 for each of our birthdays.  Molly even made Sally a red velvet cake from scratch on her birthday this past summer!  Meals are a time to unwind, eat food that wants to make you scream it’s so good, and spend much needed time with good friends and family.  What is more luxurious than that!?
With our blog being called “A Piece of Toast” and our little luxury being “food” can you tell that we’re sort of obsessed with yummy food!?

Wedding these days require so much research and there are so many resources to assist you in journey aside from wedding planners, recently married friends and family..Here are a few of my most favorite resources whether it is for inspiration, venues or fun. I suggest you take a look at these even if you are not getting is still fun to see all the beautiful photos and the food!

100 Layer Cake

One Lovely Day

The Bridal Bar

LH Events


Wedding Chicks

Friends, I am guest blogging for Shop It To Me this afternoon. Check out their site for the latest from Widespread.  I want to make sure you get your afternoon fix…


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