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Dear Friends. This week has been positively bright with good feelings and all the good things that go along with it. So many wonderful items, designs and projects have come across my desk lately. I get so excited. There seems to be so much inspiration floating around and luckily people are taking hold of it and turning it into beautiful clothes, food or art. As a generation, I feel that we are destined to be entrepreneurs – to make our own path. I have friends starting blogs, creating their own companies, trying to turn their passion into their career and it all started from their heart, a bit of inspiration and the desire to succeed on their own. I am smitten with this – I am smitten with what could be and where we may go.

I have the feeling that this is just beginning. I hope to see much more from all of you and from me…of course!

ps. part II of Little Luxuries will be next week lovies


I am so excited to share our first Boutique Spotlight with you all. I sat down with Bianca from Bianca Starr last week to get her story about vintage clothes, owning your own store and everything and anything she was willing to share. Bianca is such a great inspiration!! Read below to find out some new and exciting news from Bianca and the store!

How did you start your own business?

I started out by taking a business course for women.  It is called Women’s Initiative and they help you get your business plan together and really think about the business that you want to create.  I found it quite inspiring to be around other women who wanted to take the road to self-employment as I did. 

What inspired you? 

My husband and I ran a small club in SF for 5 years prior to me opening up my boutique.  I was inspired to do the boutique after looking online for jobs and realizing there was no way I could ever go back to working for anyone but myself.  We also have 2 children and being able to make my own schedule was important in order to maintain the lifestyle that we are used to!   I live in the mission and have always enjoyed vintage shopping but knew there was a need a more sophisticated vintage shop.  One that wasn’t smelly and sold high-end designer clothing.

Did you always want to do this?

I have always had an eye for fashion and tried a sewing class last summer.  I thought I would try designing and making clothes.  Truth is, I wasn’t so great at it.  I knew fashion was calling out to me for a living and I just made it happen.  It is truly my dream job and I am happy to have gotten the experience and the connections I did through running the club because fashion and music go hand in hand…

What is the concept behind the shop? 

Dream Closet!  Our motto is “If we wouldn’t wear it, we wouldn’t sell it”.  Everything is dry cleaned and we do not sell just anything.  It is all hand selected by our team of fashionistas.  We also are huge on having little parties that combine music and fashion.  I love to serve champagne to customers while thy shop and feature DJ’s at least twice a month. 

How do you buy the items in your shop? Do you buy with certain trends or buyers in mind?  I am always thinking of certain people who have style when I shop.  People I know whose style I admire and it comes into play when I shop.    At first I was only buying for super stylish folks and then I realized that I am selling to everyone under the sun. Ladies with corporate jobs come in and take Christian Dior blazers that they can wear to work.  Other times I sell that certain statement piece to the one chick that has confidence to pull it off. 

 I’m beginner at buying vintage pieces. What are things that every buyer should look for when taking the plunge into the world of vintage for the first time? 

I immediately look at the label when I am vintage shopping. It’s such a score when you find a high-end designer vintage piece.  It makes me have chills.   Secondly, I look to see if it has lining.  For me it doesn’t matter the length because if the dress or skirt is too long I always alter it. 


 What is your favorite piece in the store right now? 

A black lace Oscar De La Renta dress from the 80’s. It is absolutely gorgeous.  The detail on it is exquisite.

Is there a typical era that you shoot for when buying? 

I love to combine vintage with more modern looks.  I will take anything I can get my hands on.  You can always figure out a way to wear it.

Who is your typical customer?

My typical customer is not so typical.  In fact I have ladies who have read about me in magazines that are in town from LA to ladies who live right around the corner.  All in all they are ladies who know how to choose pieces and make it work.  Everything in there is wearable to the stylish eye.  Or maybe I am crazy??

Now that you have all the info, head to Bianca Starr to up the latest and greatest…

3552 20th Street, SF, CA 94110


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