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Remember Brieanne from Chalk + Dot from here, my last Blogger Spotlight? She and her partner, Erica, are now kicking off part II of the Little Luxuries guest posts!

To us at chalk + dot, little luxuries are those small(ish) things that can make a big difference in how you feel.  Sometimes they might be a financial splurge, but if that single splurge brings delight over and over again, I think the price gets balanced out.  Here is a list that we came up with for our idea of luxury.

1.  A black DVF dress.  Works for all occasions and I know it will always fit me — she knows a woman’s shape.  Everyone needs a DVF dress.

2.  Mason Pearson Brush.  Makes your hair glossy!

3.  An oversized wine glass.  I’m not talking a goblet or anything.  But a nice oversized wine glass (you don’t have to put more in – but you can) feels more special than the standard size.  It’s an easy change-up to make a night special.

4.  Coconut oil (as lotion).  Makes your skin feel silky smooth, and makes you feel a little bit like you’re on vacation.  Mix some with your favorite summer lotion or some aloe for an extra feeling of escape.

5.  A brow wax.  Nothing to improve your self-esteem than getting rid of scraggly eyebrows.  Gives a more polished look immediately.

6.  A nice pair of underwear.  Not many may see it, but you know it’s there.  It’s like your own sexy secret.

Thanks to Maya for asking us to participate–we had a great time!


Take Ivy, with photos by Japan’s T. Hayashida, is truly the original preppy handbook first published in 1960’ Japanese! Van Jacket creator, Kensuke Ishizu, commissioned several photographers to travel to the States to chronicle every element of the Ivy league students’ style along the way. For the first time, Take Ivy has been published in English and was recently release. Last night, I pouring over these timeless photographs and fell in love with Americana style all over again.

Author’s note: “It is also not simply about Madison Avenue, Brooks Brothers, modern jazz and folk songs. They do play a part in defining ‘Ivy’ as a whole, but each of them is only a peripheral component…. In order to understand the spirit of ‘Ivy’, you must appreciate and master all aspects of American East Coast culture.”

While cruising the internet last night I came across french interior designer, Teo Jasmin! Teo Jasmin got their start specializing in digital printings on wall canvas but later on expanded their range of products with cushions and classic furniture, still using the same digital process on them.

Luckily for us Teo Jasmin utilizes their expertise in printing to bring all of us beautiful home decor which are launched twice a year. The 2010 collection features pop culture images like Coca Cola and famous Doggy ridder.

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