I’m a dreamer and a very jealous dreamer at that!! I am absolutely in love with the below house. I wish I could live there. I guess you could say I am green with envy! I know it is not a good thing but I can not stop these feelings! 







I heart the toy Saab. This can be found at Playsam 






This is my FAVORITE closet ever! I would love to take a look in there.. 

So I bet you are wondering who owns this magnificent home?! None other than Jenna Lyons! Of course she would own a wonderfully beautiful home like this. And her closet..there are no words to describe.  Jenna’s home, life, style such an inspiration! Wow, I am gushing over her and we are not even friends! 


…her office.. 


..here is some additional inspiration… 

Ok! I am officially crushing on Jenna Lyons and J. Crew

Inspiration from this post came from here.