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HBO undoubtedly has the best television shows around. Mildred Pierce, their latest mini series has hit the mark. The acting/actors are superb – I love Kate Winslet, she is a delight to watch in this role. This mini series has only furthered my love of 1930’s fashion and Oscar-winning costume designer Ann Roth.

I am unbelievably sad this show is already over!


Thank goodness for this day! Today in 1975, “Saturday Night Live debuted”. Oh my, as a child, this was my most favorite weekend activity. I sat around with my parents, siblings and a giant bowl of ice cream watching TV. Being 5 years younger than my siblings meant that I was first to go to bed..but not on Saturdays, I could stay up with the rest of the family watching SNL. It was basically the best night of the week! It was family friendly and hilarious. What do you think? Do you still watch SNL?

I love Project Runway but the past few seasons have been less than exciting in my opinion. I miss my favorite designer – Uli Herzner! Something about her designs puts me in the mindset of permanent vacation. I loved the movement and colors! Seasons later, I find myself wondering where she is and why I have not purchased any of her clothes more importantly.

Is anyone as excited as me about the newest season of Mad Men beginning this weekend! This premier can not come any sooner. I am delighted to see what costume designer, Ms. Bryant, has come up with. The show has an awe-inspiring way about it – I am left wanting every outfit seen on the show.

Be sure to tune in this Sunday!

I love USA’s show White Collar, created about mastermind thief turned FBI consultant Neal Caffrey (played by Matthew Bomer) who is impeccably dressed!  I adore his fitted suits and tie bars with skinny ties and fedoras. Caffrey is a cross between the Rat Pack and Don Draper.

ps. i love his hair!

If you didn’t know, I am obsessed with Fox’s show Glee! I love Emma, the guidance counselor, she is down right cute! She may have an unhealthy crush on her soon to be divorced coworker but has a great sense of style. She screams geek chic.

The Essentials of being Emma:
– Cardigans
– Baubles
– Bright Colors
– Bows

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