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In an effort to “adult” my home, I am trying to purchase more artwork and actually frame what I have along with family photos. I envision an eclectic mix of modern and vintage frames filled with photos of friends & family, maps & cityscapes to fill my barren bookshelves and walls.  I have been scouring the internet for some much-needed ideas because at this moment I want to paint and start fresh. I believe I felt this way around this time last year. Maybe what I accomplish this time around will suffice for more than 12 months?

I love the chalk board paint above so very much..


I have been dying to get a wreath the last few weeks but haven’t found the perfect one until now – An Ornament wreath/DIY project! I found the directions here and can not wait to see this festive decor hanging on my door. I think I will draw my inspiration from the above!

Are you as excited as I am? Here is the how to –

1. Strong stiff wire that can be bent into a ring. We used aluminum wire gauge 20, about 55” long–due to the scale of the products in the shot, our wreath was rather large, about 28″ in diameter. A wire hanger is also a simple way to go.

2. Ornaments. We used a total of 81 ornaments. For a smaller version, we’re guessing you could make a 14” wreath with about a third of the ornaments depending on how full you wanted it.

3. Strong tape to fasten the ends of the wire ring together or, pliers to twist the ends of the wire ring together.

4. Ribbon to hang the wreath.

1. String one ornament at a time onto the wire ring, alternating colors, using smaller ones to fill in the gaps.

2. When the ring is completely covered in ornaments, fasten the ends together.

3. Use a ribbon to cover the spot where the ends are fastened together, and hang!

Seems so simple!

Vogue’s new feature, “APT with LSD,” Lauren Santo Domingo gets an inside look at the homes and apartments of some of Vogue’s favorite people—from models to designers, actors, stylists, artists, and more. First up is Coco Rocha and her husband, the artist James Conran.  I love the details of the house. Each book or statue seems in their placed perfectly and the blend of modern and vintage makes me swoon.

White is the perfect color for summer! It is delightfully easy to wear and usually makes a statement! A. Tsumori Chisato Night Dress B. Random white horse found somewhere C. Hot Topic white nail polish D. Sky high heels by Lamb E. The White Rabbit F. Top Shop Cardi G. Sporty watch H. a delicate necklace by Hive & Honey necklace I. Calvin Klein Heels J. American Eagle woven belts K. Pentax K-x DSLR L. My all time favorite holiday movie, A White Christmas!

The architects of House B located in São Paulo have found the perfect way to combine the beauty of the homes surroundings while creating a terrifclly modern house.

I especially love the screen printed glass that covers the upper portion of the windows.


I came across this adorable hunting cabin turned Victorian Oasis in the Catskills and just had to share it with you all. Owner/designer, Sandra Foster, flipped this 9-by-14-foot cottage herself. The cost of renovating was just $3,000. Foster scoured salvage shops to create her dream house.

{I love the chandelier in the sleeping loft}

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