Isn’t this wall fantastic! My dear friend, Christina, has just moved into a brand new home and has created the most spectacular wall. It adds so much to the room and creates so much movement through the house. And another plus, it is do it yourself.

Christina has created a short tutorial for us – be sure to check it out below!

Step 1: Draw the general shape that you want onto the walls — in the apt shown above — it’s a giant amorphous shape that covers two walls in my apt and also continues partly into my bathroom.

Step 2: Measure 3/4″, 1″, 2″ and 4″ vertical lines throughout the entire shape. “I was haphazard — there was no pattern. Sometimes I would do a thick line, sometimes I would do thinner lines, but I measured each line and used a ruler to make sure the lines were straight vertically.”

Step 3: Take blue tape and cover up every other line, and paint two coats of paint in the spaces in between the taped lines.

Note — “I used 10 different colors of paint. I found a paint store that sold me paint in pint-sized buckets as opposed to huge gallon-sized buckets, so all of the paint cost less than $100. There was no pattern to which colors I used on which stripes; I just used whatever colors I felt like, but tried to be sure not to paint too many of the same colors in one area.”

Step 4: Once Round 1 was done and dry, remove the blue tape, and then add new blue tape on top of the just-dried painted stripes. Paint two coats of paint on remaining blank stripes.

Sounds easy enough? I am not sure I would be able to complete but somehow Christina ended up finishing the project in just a week!