I am a bit ashamed to admit that I liked Danielle from The Real Housewives of New Jersey outfit last night on the reunion show. I know, I know, she is crazy and not so classy usually but her deep red sequined skirt really got me and only furthered my desire for my own sequined item. I have been researching for a few weeks  for inspiration. I think I have found the perfect items to add to my wardrobe.


Fall Sequin Wish List

1. Calypso Clutch; 2. Forever 21 shoes; 3. Top Shop Dress; 4. Alica and Olivia; 5. Love this Vanessa Bruna Jacket; 6. J. Crew Skirt (as seen in The Romantics) 7. VPL Lingerie which is extremely beautiful!

Will you be wearing sequins? I can not wait to mix this Fall essential into my day to day outfits!