I can’t believe I have not shared this store with you sooner! If you recall I discovered an amazing clothing store on my trip to MinneapolisBlackBlue. Sorry ladies, the store focuses mainly on Menswear but they do carry shoes and bags for women.  The small shop located St. Paul features an amazing selection of shirts from Pendelton, Hyden Yoo, jeans from APC, Red Wing Boots and often features local artists. On my visit to Black Blue I had the chance to speak with the owner and he is extremely welcoming. I believe we lingered twice as long as planned chatting with him and taking a break from Minni’s humid weather.

{I love the unique displays}

{My news white shoes purchase at Black Blue}

{Local art for sale}

{Their selection of clothing, bags and shoes}

{Taking a breather from the weather}

I do hope that you all get a chance to check this store out!

614 Selby Ave
St Paul, MN 55102