Do you recall my post last week about the Perfect Trench that I found at Revolver? Well, I am smitten not only with the coat but the store as well! It is a small boutique that has the most amazing collection of art, clothes, and accessories! I loved them so much that I wanted to share the store with all of you. I sat down with Revolver’s creator, Robert Patterson, last week for a quick Q&A.

Why did you decide to start a store?

We are interested in well-crafted goods from around the world, and wanted to share out interest and products with San Francisco.

What would you say is Revolver’s mission statement?

We’re a California based boutique and art gallery that provides high quality, genuine clothing and  crafted pieces from local and international artists.

The design of the shop is fantastic; what did you draw on for inspiration to create this atmosphere?

York, Maine meets Newport Beach.

Who is you fashion icon?

Karl Lagerfeld — while his style is completely different from what we carry, his aesthetic output and passion, attention to detail, and creative drive is unmatched.

Where do you get your inspiration?

California, Japan, Indonesia…the world. And constantly reading.

How do you buy the items in your shop? Do you buy with certain trends or buyers in mind?

We strive for clothing with well-articulated, quiet details and a well-crafted, thoughtful fabrication from small to emerging brands and designers.

What is your favorite piece in the store right now?

Men: The Tailor — an athletic jersey blazer from Denham the Jeanmaker & Yuketen hunting shoes
Women: Susan Hoff’s sailcloth tote & Femme Fatale trench from Denham the Jeanmaker (mine too!!!)

Tell us about the art and artist you have up in the store right now?

Currently in the gallery: Matinee — new paintings by Kirsten Tradowsky that compare and contrast icons of American culture.

Favorite childhood book?

Mafalda, an Argentine comic. Think a depressed Charlie Brown type in Buenos Aires.

What book(s) are you reading right now?

Eating AnimalsYakuza: Expanded Edition

What are you playing on your iPod right now?

We play vinyl 🙂 Currently Playing: The Austronauts — Surfin’ with the Astronauts

The store seems to have a freshness to it. I love it. I hope you all make your way to the store this week.

ps. Many Thanks to Revolver, oh and be sure to check out their blog!!