The weather in San Francisco has me almost ready to make the move to airy dresses and tanks! This revelation came to me as I walked 3 miles home after work. I ran up to stairs to my hot apartment threw on a sun dress and heels and decided to walk Fillmore and people watch. But true to San Francisco form, by the time I got down the block the wind started to blow a little to cold for my taste. I headed back to the house for a quick costume change.

This is the main problem living in SF, you must be prepared for everything as the weather can change in an instant! I know it is so hard to look and feel springy if the wind is blowing and you have the shivers..

  Mod Cloth blazer, Forever 21 Dress, YSL Shoes, Tights

Theory Scarf, BR jewelry

It helps to always be prepared! I always carry a scarf and a jacket..even if it is in the 70’s because in SF you never know!