I have been eager to try Flour + Water and luckily last week my boyfriend’s mother took us to dinner (thank you)!! We had such a wonderful time.   


We decided to go family style, my personal favorite! This way you can try some of everything and we definitely ordered our fair share.   


{fennel crusted yellow tail with artichoke hearts}   


{warm potato and lamb’s tongue salad with poached egg & salsa verde – sadly, i couldn’t muster the courage to try the lamb’s tongue but the potatoes were excellent}   


{Cipolla pizza – spring and torpedo onion, speck, green garlic pesto & tallgeio (we also added an egg. It was delicious and the perfect combination of spicy, melty cheese and fresh all at once!}   


{warm canellinni beans with chilli and Parmigiano – this was my ultimate favorite dish}   


{seared california bass with saffron braised fennel & orange taggiasa olive oil}   


All in all the food was very good and we had a wonderful time. We ate ourselves into a stooper and had a bottle of a  white wine.   

One last thing, I loved the decor of the restaurant and the open lay out. But what I really like most was the bathroom! Is that weird? The bathroom was so cute, too cute to be a bathroom really!   

{The bathroom}   



{the shelving in the bathroom}   



The restaurant is very similar to Delfina. Which do you like better?