It is extremely important to properly represent yourself  – people are judged on everything and so it is best to stand out and look good even if its your stationary. I never realized how important it is until I started sending Thank You notes. Now that I have a small selection of stationary for different occasions and I always find a reason send a card to a friend. It is somewhat rewarding sending the perfect note – there are so options for the I love you card, thank you card and just a hello! 

{Thank You – Paper Collage Monkey


{I love You – Paper Wren


{Encouragement – Paper Addict


{Personalized Critter Cards


{Thank You




{Science of People


{Encouragement – WTF Braille card



{Valentine’s Day – Hammerpress


{Baby! – Mr. Boddington’s – this site is adorable.} 


{Happy Bee Day


{I love you


{Social Stationary

There is so much to choose from!! Stationary may seem like a dying custom due to the internet but with all the options and the ability to personalize I feel that it is so important to continue this tradition. I know I love receiving mail. 

If you need a help with you cards, check out this book