Even though the weather is less than desirable in San Francisco it doesn’t mean that you can’t dress the part for spring! There are so many great Spring/Summer collections surfacing. I found my new favorite collection for this summer – Harvey Faircloth! Have you ever heard of it before? I had not before this morning and am very eager to share this with you all! 

Harvey Faircloth is designed by a group of friends from the west. They have come together to bring you “impossibly chic and razor-sharp clothing that has a certain plucky, pioneering spirit.” The clothes are for created for the modern woman – worn day to night. I heart their style: the oversized sleeves, bright colors mixed with muted neutrals, the small details that make an outfit stand out – I can’t wait to start shopping! 

Their Inspiration board: 


Their adorable site


 Look Book: 










Right? How adorable is everything? I also love the fact that the company was named after a man one of the designers met a wedding. Here is an excerpt from their site: Who is Harvey Faircloth? 

“That’s a very good question. He was an elegant older gentleman Katie sat next to at a wedding in the Berkshires. She seems to remember that he once scaled Everest, shot newsreels and may have been in outer space. She was a bit heady from too much butter cake but that was the gist. “Hey kid, you’ve got to follow to your dreams,” he said, or “We must press on regardless.” Something short, optimistic and irrefutable. They have borrowed his name as a petite homage and they hope he doesn’t mind too awfully much.”