I had such a great weekend – the sun was out and there were some great events around the Bay Area! I luckily had the chance to go to Bianca Starr’s stylist boutique and the once monthly Antique fair in Alameda so I thought I should share this with you!

Alameda Antique Fair. I absolutely love going to this fair on Sunday because there is so much to see! You can buy anything from furniture to buttons to furs to old magazies..well you get the point – ANYTHING!!! It is a great place for fair food and inspiration! I managed to pick up a very sweet chalkboard with a white frame!

{I love the statue at this booth}

{Fair food!! and you can see my new shoes!!}

{The boyfriend and I pose for a picture}

{Music Monkey and other random toys}

{My favorite – Audrey Hepburn on the cover Life magazine}


{Shopping and my chalkboard!}

{Color and Flash}

Bianca Starr’s Stylist Boutique! We had such a great time. Bianca really knows how to bring in a good crowd of talented and interesting people. If you missed this one..NOT TO WORRY – This is a monthly event and I will keep you posted.

{The stylist – Hannah – love her style}

{Great jewelry}

{I love this photo for some reason and my new bag}