After pursuing my usual morning reads, I wanted to look at Tory Burch’s Spring 2010 line which is really amazing!  BTW, after reading W magazine’s article on Tory Burch, I have become rather smitten with her. Burch has worked extremely hard to get where her business to where it is today. She started out of her house thinking that she would only own 3 stores but now plans to open 25 world-wide in 2010! Congrats to her and her team!

I have pretty much looked at Burch’s entire website, from the style guides to wish list to shopping! I love how designers are more than just a site to shop. They are creating a brand, a lifestyle for the shopper. Now we can see Tory’s story boards for her Spring 2010 line – to show where her inspiration stems from. 

Garden Inspiration!

South Africa!



S. of France!


Photoshoot with Tina Barney in Burch’s apartment