Before I left for NY, I made a list of places that I wanted to check out. Even though I am semi exhausted from my recent travels I hope to visit all them all this weekend!

1. Candy Bar (Located in Nopa) is San Francisco’s first dessert lounge, the kitchen is dedicated entirely to dessert! This sounds like a great night – grab a glass of wine, some sweets and play some board games.

{peaches and cream, with caramel popcorn}

2.  “Heart is a chaotic wine bar, restaurant and art gallery that serves wine in mason jars, plays hip-hop and blues, and helps you make friends at communal tables. We’re all about enjoying great wine, not bowing down to it.  Take your notions of a typical wine bar and throw them out the window.” (from Heart’s website) Enough Said!? I can not wait to check this place out.


3. The Residence, in the Castro, is a  Prohibition era lounge with cocktails inspired by different cities around the globe.  From what I hear, they change the menu often so there is always something special and new on the menu.