Every morning as I walk in the door to my office I see this photo of James Bond…

and I think to myself – “What a stylish man!” I grew up watching James Bond movies and I when I say grew up – I mean we owned every single movie and watched them repeatedly. I loved him and his women and I obviously loved the way the movies were styled! Bond had his gadgets, his women, cars and was the most suave secret agent alive. His effortlessly stylish suits made Sean Connery/James Bond a fashion Icon, paving the way for men and maybe women for years to come. Yes, there were many other actors that played 007 but I am obviously partial to Sean Connery.

{James suit which is known as the “Conduit cut”}

{Dr. No}

{James and his women}

{Moore in a safari-style suit}

{Daniel Craig outfitted by Tom Ford for Quantum Of Solace}

I wish that this was the daily attire for men. If you feel the need to get acquainted with Bond style – here are some ideas:

{Sold at Lock Hatters}


{Sab Bond leather briefcase as in From Russia with Love}

{La Perla trunks similar to Daniel Craig’s in Casino Royale}

{A crisp white shirt}

{well-tailored suit}

{John Lobb shoes}